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This page is for the Juggernaut. album titled Immortal. For the DJ NAGAI song of the same name, please see Immortal.


Immortal is Juggernaut.'s fifth album. The album features an extended version of Archangelio from SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR.

Album Information

Artist Juggernaut. Immortal.png
Release Date April 30th, 2023
Catalog Number JNR-010
Published by JuggerNoteRecords
Track List
Title From
01. Initiating Operation NEW
02. Invoke NEW
03. Archangelio (Extended) SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR
04. Sanctuary NEW
05. Deception (Interlude) NEW
06. Immortal NEW
07. Transcendence NEW
08. Genesis NEW
09. Innocence NEW
Composed and produced by Juggernaut.

Mastering: Juggernaut.
Jacket Designer: Cube
Jacket Illustration: Gesoking


  • Archangelio (Extended) is only available on the physical release of Immortal.

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