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This is the list of Ojamas that modify the gameplay when the song is played to make it more challenging. Clearing the song gives extra bonuses to extra stage points. Ojamas were formerly known as "Normas".

As of pop'n music 20 fantasia, the Ojama menu is now selectable separately besides modifiers before the start of a song. Also, normas for highest score and maximum number of combos are automatically obtained, while normas for BADs have been removed.

Norma/Ojama Points Effect
pnm??? - 19 TUNE STREET pnm 20 fantasia - present
Partial Full Partial Full
ビートポップ君 10 15 Pop-kuns are replaced by beatmania IIDX noteskins.
HI-SPEED (x2) 10 15 Notes are sped up by 2.
HI-SPEED (x4) 20 30 Notes are sped up by 4. This ojama can be useful to see notes when using tougher note-shifting ojamas
強制ハーフスピード 20 30 Notes' speed is halved.
HIDDEN 30 45 Notes are hidden at the bottom.
SUDDEN 30 45 Notes are hidden at the top.
ミニポップ君 40 60 Pop-kuns are shrunk.
しろポップ君 40 60 Pop-kuns are colored white.
パニック 40 60 パニック generates random combos and judgments.
ロスト 40 60 "LOST?" hides judgement text and input highlights when a note is played, except BADs.
ファット判定ライン 40 60 Timing line becomes larger.
ファットポップ君 50 75 Pop-kuns become enormous.
キャラクターポップ君 50 75 Pop-kuns become the rival character's Chara-pop noteskins.
くるくるポップ君 50 75 Pop-kuns spin around their axis, as in aileron roll.
ドキドキポップ君 50 75 Pop-kuns beat like a heartbeat.
爆走 (SPIRAL) 50 75 Pop-kuns shake left and right.
ふわふわ判定ライン 50 75 Timing line raises and lowers gradually.
ダーク 50 75 Dark modifier turns the theme into pitch-black, leaving only the characters, pop-kuns, scores and groove meter visible.
トリック 50 75 A different lane lights up from the corresponding button.
ズームポップ君 60 90 Pop-kuns squeeze and stretch.
地震でぐらぐら 60 90 Area shakes around.
爆走 (CIRCLE) 60 90 Pop-kuns scroll down in barrel roll.
HELL 60 90 Missing a note depletes the groove meter at 20% below than normal.
ミクロポップ君 70 105 Pop-kuns become narrower.
ダンス 70 105 Rival character dances over the top part of the area.
上下プレス 70 105 UNCLE Jam's feet compress the area on both top and bottom sides.
縦分身 70 105 Pop-kuns leave "ghostly" tracks behind when descending.
ラブリー 70 105 Valentine theme overhauls the area, and turns pop-kuns into hearts
カエルポップ君 70 105 Pop-kuns become salientian-skinned, and are hopping down like a frog.
ツインビー 80 120 Twinbee theme overhauls the area with its gameplay, and turns pop-kuns into bells.
上下プレス&プレス 80 120 UNCLE Jam's feet compress and relax the area on top and bottom sides.
バラバラポップ君 80 120 Pop-kuns' size and thicknesses are randomly generated.
ボンバー 80 120 An impostor pop-kun (with sunglasses) explodes with a cloud on the area when played, decreasing the groove meter.
左右プレス 80 120 UNCLE Jam's hands compress the area on left and right sides.
エレビッツ 80 120 Elebits theme overhauls the area with noteskins as different species.
クロス 80 120 Pop-kuns cross over between lanes 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 6 and 7, 8 and 9.
jubeat 80 120 jubeat theme overhauls the area, and turns pop-kuns into jubeat characters.
QMA 90 135 QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY theme overhauls the area, and turns pop-kuns into QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY characters.
色々爆走 90 135 Notes shake chaotically.
ポップ君の竜巻 90 135 A tornado of pop-kuns block the middle part of the area.
超ふわふわ判定ライン 90 135 Timing line raises and lowers highly, higher than ふわふわ判定ライン.
左右プレス&プレス 90 135 UNCLE Jam's hands compress and relax the area on both sides.
HIDDEN + SUDDEN 90 135 HIDDEN and SUDDEN modifier is activated
色々ポップ君 100 150 Pop-kuns become randomly-generated noteskins.
にせポップ君の嵐 100 150 Torrent of non-playable pop-kuns block the area dangerously.
GOODがBADに!! 100 150 GOOD judgement results as BADs. GREAT and COOL judgement are unaffected.
スライド 100 150 Area shifts to the right alignment, blocking the rival character.
交互プレス 100 150 UNCLE Jam's feet and hands compress and relax the area on all sides.
色々バラバラポップ君 110 165 Pop-kuns become randomly-generated noteskins, using 爆走 (CIRCLE) ojama.
強制LOW-SPEED 110 165 Notes travel slower than normal speed.
もっとHELL 110 165 Missing a note depletes the groove meter at 40% below than normal.
EXCITE 120 180 Notes quickly shift from the regular chart into SUPER RANDOM chart. This ojama is recommended for players with higher agility and reflexes.
バラバラスピード 120 180 Several notes descend in different speeds at lowest to highest rate.
横分身 130 195 Pop-kuns grow "wings", having two "ghost" notes attached on both sides.
上下さかさま 130 195 Area is flipped upside-down, similar to REVERSE modifier in different games.
DEATH 140 210 Missing a note depletes the groove meter at 100%. This ojama is not recommended for casual players unless they are skilled in achieving full combos.
ランダム HID+SUD 140 210 HIDDEN + SUDDEN modifier is applied to all parts of the area randomly. This ojama is recommended for players who memorize the specific chart.
ナゾイロポップ君 150 225 Pop-kuns disguise as any other wrong pop-kuns.
COOL or BAD!! 150 225 Judgment is restricted to COOL only. GREATs and GOODs are considered BADs. This Ojama is recommended for players with higher accuracy.
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