Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette

Song Information

Artist: Marguerite du Pré
Composition/Arrangement: Marguerite du Pré
BPM: 205-248
Length: 2:07
VJ: Miki Fuyama (WelzAnimationStudios
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes



  • Marie Antoinette is one of the three EMPRESS PLACE songs, this one being in Marie Antoinette's room.
    • Like the other EXTRA STAGE videos in EMPRESS PLACE, Marie Antoinette contains a silhouette of the corresponding empress.
    • Marie Antoinette features a blue skin.
  • Marie Antoinette received Black ANOTHER charts in beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS + PREMIUM BEST.
  • Marie Antoinette's genre, "kyuutei enbukyoku" (宮廷円舞曲), translates to "palace waltz".
  • Marie Antoinette, born an Archduchess of Austria, was Dauphine of France from 1770 to 1774 and Queen of France and Navarre from 1774 to 1792. Her lavish lifestyle, along with her sympathy for France's enemies, made her an enemy of the French Revolution. She was eventually executed by guillotine on October 16th, 1793.
  • Marie Antoinette is unlockable in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS from May 8th, 2019, after purchasing its NORMAL, HYPER, and ANOTHER charts with BITs.
  • Marie Antoinette is an unlockable revival song in beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER's ARENA MODE. It can be unlocked from August 19th, 2021 through September 5th, 2021 by collecting 50 ARENA CUBES.
    • Its Black ANOTHER charts were revived as LEGGENDARIA charts.

Song Production Information

Marguerite du Pré

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Ah, hello everyone. There's a good weather today.

My name is Marguerite Du Pré. People often call me Mrs Champagne of the White Roses.
Dear ladies and gentlemen. I hope we can be friends.
But, I don't know if I will appear again. Oh ho ho ho ho...

So.. speaking of Marie Antoinette, there have been many legends about the Hope Diamond.
A gem with a beautiful shine, with a history of causing many tragedies and curses. Ah, really terrible.

The so-called beautiful things too, are also a sin.... Which means, I am also a big sin to the Queen... Oh, no!
How can that be, if I haven't even destroyed a single hot dog bun!
Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho... I'm fine, I'm fine.

In short, this song is about the beauty and sorrow of Marie, and with the high style of the song, I hope you, dear ladies and gentlemen, will repeatedly play this elegant Argentine piece.
Gracefully, and gently dance. Well, I will not accompany yours...
Have a good time!!

Oh ho ho ho ho ho!

Video Production Information

Miki Fuyama (WelzAnimationStudios

This is based on the tragic like of the real queen named in the song title, via a movie-like shadow play.
The character's silhouette expresses herself in a way that captivates the imagination of the viewers.
We matched the stage with good lighting and motion graphics.
I adopted this from the original story, so I hope you enjoy the performance.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 291 544 838 1242 1618 577 840 1296 1500
beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS→23 copula - 6 9 11 - 6 9 11 -
beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER→Present - 6 9 11 12 6 9 11 11
beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS + PREMIUM BEST 3 6 9 11 12 6 9 11 11
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 6 9 11 - 6 9 11 -
EMPRESS PLACE Kung-fu Empire - Arabian Rave Night - Marie Antoinette