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妄想探検記 is 黒魔's eleventh album, released during the Comiket 87 event. It features long versions of three songs from the SOUND VOLTEX series. The album was released under HEKATONCHEIR BEATS, siromaru's label and solely focuses on songs under the chiptune genres.

Album Information

Artist 黒魔 Mousou.jpg
Release Date 12/30/2014
Catalog Number None
Published by HEKATONCHEIR BEATS (booth only)
Track List
Title From
01. ongaku to boku to 2013 NEW
02. Goodbye-bye Planet SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
03. full-swing party!!! NEW
04. かいちゅうさんぽ NEW
05. ribbit swamp NEW
06. 第二空中実験 NEW
08. fly in the galaxy NEW
09. きおくはいつもむねのおくで NEW
10. 愛する想いがオーバーヒート NEW
11. 孤独ロボットの工場 NEW
12. ゆめをねがうなきむし NEW
13. Rocket Boy's Adventure NEW
14. Space Diver Tama SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
15. アイスココアを星空に(2014 Remaster) NEW
16. 妄想探検記 NEW
17. ongaku to boku to 2014 NEW

Producer: Chroma
Tracks 02, 07 and 14 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment


  • 妄想探検記 was only sold at the Comiket 87 event.

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