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This page is for VALLEYSTONE's second album, Natsuirozaka. For the song the album is named after, please see Natsuirozaka.


懐色坂 is VALLEYSTONE's second album, released at the Comic Market 94 event. It features a long version of VALLEYSTONE's song of the same name, as well as a special cover of said song by sky_delta and Nakuru Aitsuki as Endorfin..

Album Information

Artist VALLEYSTONE Natsuirozaka (album).jpg
Release Date 08/10/2018
Catalog Number BFR-003
Published by Bad Fennec Records
Track List
Title From
01. 懐色坂 (Full Ver.) pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
02. 路地裏Groove ft. Kanata.N NEW
03. Dance on the Water NEW
04. 蒼の万華鏡 ft. 紫崎 雪 NEW
05. -interlude- NEW
06. Butterfly Effect feat. Kanata.N NEW
07. 冷たい季節 NEW
08. 懐色坂 (Endorfin. Cover) pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
09. 路地裏Groove ft. Kanata.N (Instruments Ver.) NEW
10. 蒼の万華鏡 ft. 紫崎 雪 (Instruments Ver.) NEW
11. Butterfly Effect feat. Kanata.N (Instruments Ver.) NEW

Design & Illustration: NC Empire
Guest: Kanata.N (Vocal), Yuki Shizaki (Vocal), Endorfin.



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