Non Stop Mix Special 2

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Non Stop Mix Special 2

Song Information

Artist: Non Stop Mix Special
Composition/Arrangement: Naoki Maeda
BPM: ???
Length: 1:58
First Music Game Appearance: Dance Maniax 2ndMIX
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes


  • When playing Non Stop Mix Special 2 during courses, its title is shown as PARANOiA jazzy groove + TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX + DEAD END.
  • Non Stop Mix Special 2's BPM changes are as follows: 190→200.
  • Data for PARANOiA jazzy groove as a standalone song can be found in Dance Maniax 2ndMIX, including an unfinished audio, its preview clip, and an artist string that was likely planned for this song, "200-10".
  • In Dance Maniax 2ndMIX append JPARADISE, Non Stop Mix Special 2 has six additional sets of charts, which are only playable after reaching EXTRA STAGE in Internet Ranking mode.

Song Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

Dance Maniax difficulty rated from 1 to 9 in 2ndMIX onwards.

Game Single Double
Mild Wild Mild Wild
Notecounts 400 475 383 484
Dance Maniax 2ndMIX→2ndMIX append JPARADISE 6 9 7 9