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Song Information

Artist: Sota Fujimori
Composition/Arrangement: Sota Fujimori
BPM: 148
Length: 2:10
VJ: VJ GYO (overlays by GOLI)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • An extended version of PLASMA, titled PLASMA (More Synth Extended), appears on the second disc of the beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK album.
  • A remix of PLASMA, titled PLASMA -FutureSoundFromTokyoMix-, appears on Sota Fujimori's second album, SYNTHESIZED2.


  • PLASMA is unlockable in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS from November 2nd, 2017, after purchasing its NORMAL, HYPER, and ANOTHER charts for 4500, 8000, and 4500 BITs respectively.

Song Production Information

Sota Fujimori

Plasma TVs and plasma lamps are all the rage in theatres these days. I like following the latest trends, so I bought a plasma TV. It's the best! Movies get more fun, games pack more of a punch, and CG pictures look really great! I thought, "I've finally made a better purchase than a synthesizer!", so I decided I'd name the next song I made PLASMA. It has a great ring to it, it's kind of trendy name, don't you think? So, for this song named PLASMA, I used a real Prophet 5 and TB-303. I hope you'll listen to it.
And, you who is wondering if he should buy a plasma TV!
Absolutely do it! It will change your life!

Video Production Information


I started with an image based on the title.
A plasma outbreak within the brain. The original picture was sketched during a team meeting. Go, go, go.

All the rushing ... it's hard to find a right balance.
When I get into a crunch, it turns into dark elements.

Anyway, this song is pretty cool.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 254 479 848 1145 - 479 848 - -
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY - 4 8 10 - 5 8 - -
beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD→Present - 4 8 ↓9 - 5 8 - -
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY CS 2 4 8 9 - 5 8 - -
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 4 8 9 - 5 8 - -