Ryo Asakawa

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This page is for the musician named Ryo Asakawa. For the movie designer in BEMANI of a similar name, please see Ryo Asakura.

Ryo Asakawa

Artist Information

  • Name: Ryo Asakawa


Ryo Asakawa is a Japanese music producer affiliated to LMA Records. He formed and produced the short lived techno pop unit LITTLE CURE with NAOMI, Hiroko Konishi, and Yuki, which was active from 1999 to late 2000.


  • Ryo was the producer of the beatmania SuperMIX album, which also contains songs composed or produced by him.


  • Ryo
  • Dj-Ryo
  • Ryo Arshe


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
Bit of Love Super Wink "fut" Ryo Arshe pop'n music 3 EURO DANCE
LET ME FEEL SO HIGH Little Bitch.K² pop'n music 3 PUNK - -
full moon Naomi "fut" Ryo Asakawa pop'n stage COOL DANCE - -


Maxi-Singles (LITTLE CURE)