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Updates needed

  • Someone should update this with information on CS RED, and also CS USA. Maybe this would be the place to mention options on playing the import games at home (Japanese PS2, modchip, swap disc), unless there's already a page that discusses that. DanAdamKOF 18:59, 11 Jul 2006 (EDT)
    • I went ahead and added information for CS USA, and information on the controller it comes with in the controller section. For Total Songs, I'm counting the two versions of 20,November separately, and songs like Virtual Insanity that are in 5Key and IIDX modes are only counted once. For Unique Songs, I'm including Celebration, First Day, Funkytown, Lift Me Up, Virtual Insanity, The Way You Move, Toxic, You Really Got Me, 321 STARS, Attack the music, BATTLE BREAKS, DO YOU LOVE ME?, HUNTING FOR YOU, jam jam reggae, La Bossanova De Fabienne, LOVE SO GROOVY, Manmachine plays Jazz, METAL GEAR SOLID Main Theme, OVERBLAST!!, s.d.z., SKA a go go, Stop Violence!, tribe grooves, u gotta groove. Since I'm a newbie to IIDX, someone should verify that the songs I counted as unique are indeed unique. DanAdamKOF 20:05, 11 Jul 2006 (EDT)

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USA Controller misinformation

  • This is my bad. I said that the USA KOC is less prone to sticking due to having curved keys, and while the USA controller is indeed less prone to sticky keys, the curved keys are not the reason. I know it has something to do with having those "guide pegs" or something on the inside, but I'm not too sure of exactly how to describe that. If no one else does after a while, I'll probably do that. DanAdamKOF 18:24, 20 Nov 2006 (EST)

Happy Sky

We could use some more `definitive' pros/cons on CS Happy Sky. ArlenCuss 09:08, 5 Jan 2007 (EST)

Song counts

These haven't been updated since December it seems. INFINITAS hit 200 with the April update (at least according to the ALL VERSION folder). Also, Konami hasn't added a SIRIUS song to it since November, though at some point they may (or may not) drip feed the remaining non licensed SIRIUS songs. --Thunderbird (talk) 12:43, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

The "easy to get" entries

Since all of the PS2 styles are pretty much out of print (as far as I can tell), I don't think any of them should be listed as "easy to get". However, I don't really pay attention to the used market, so I'm not sure if it's accurate to remove those bullet points. --Thunderbird (talk) 15:56, 23 September 2017 (UTC)