Thomas Lorello

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Thomas Lorello

Artist Information

  • Name: Thomas John Lorello
  • Birthdate: March 26th, 1971


Thomas Lorello is a record producer, remixer, DJ and songwriter from Chicago. He is most known for his dance remixes of popular rock and alternative songs.




Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
Obsession Brooklyn Fire DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2 - - -
Everybody Dance TSMV DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2 - -
Party Lights Tommie Sunshine DanceDanceRevolution X
Taj He Spitz (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Re-Touch) DKC Crew DanceDanceRevolution X - - -
Wine Red (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch) The Hush Sound DanceDanceRevolution X CS (North America) - - -
Downtown Tommie Sunshine DanceDanceRevolution (2010)
Ah La La La Tommie Sunshine DanceDanceRevolution (2013)
Party Lights (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Remix) Tommie Sunshine DanceDanceRevolution (2014) -
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