Tomato Leaf Breaks

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Tomato Leaf Breaks

Song Information

Tomato Leaf Breaks' jacket.

Artist: millstones
Composition/Arrangement: millstones
BPM: 240
Length: 1:55
First Music Game Appearance: SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes



  • Tomato Leaf Breaks is a song part of the SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- Production Confirmation Commemorative Original Song Contest (SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- 制作決定記念 オリジナル楽曲コンテスト). It was added to SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- on June 20th, 2013.
  • Tomato Leaf Breaks marks millstones's debut in BEMANI.
  • Tomato Leaf Breaks was one of the FLOOR song candidates that could be voted in order for it to appear in MÚSECA's first location test, but did not appear in the final game.
    • It was finally added to MÚSECA 1+1/2 on June 26th, 2018 as an exclusive song to the machines that installed the offline kit.

Song Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

MÚSECA difficulty rated from 1 to 15.
SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH to III GRAVITY WARS difficulty rated from 1 to 16, and 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki.)


Game Level
Green Orange Red
Notecounts 251 655 796
MÚSECA 1+1/2 5 11 13


Game Level
Novice Advanced Exhaust Maximum Heavenly
Max Chain 717 714 1665 - -
Effected By Megacycle Megacycle Megacycle - -
Jacket Artists もけもけ♪かんとりぃ もけもけ♪かんとりぃ もけもけ♪かんとりぃ - -
SOUND VOLTEX II 5 10 14 - -
SOUND VOLTEX III→Present 5 ↓9 ↓13 - -
SOUND VOLTEX III コナステ 5 9 13 - -