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German, 23, playing IIDX since early 2014 Chuuden on IIDX, playing at RetroPlanet Zoetermeer, NL


I can't wait for it to arrive
You're on lunch break by now, right?
Words written one-by-one, nya-nya-no messing up!
My Super-long-distance Love Mail is flying through space today!

Has my love failed to reach you
Are your thoughts out of range for me?
Even so, I can't give up...
Make it through, my Love Mail!

You told me so suddenly
"You know, I've moved to Mars" (eeh!?)
"Even if we're separated, we can stay friends, right?" (No way~!?)
That's easy for you to say... I try so hard but can't hide my tears (No chance!)
That day, you left before lunch, now my futon is drenched in tears (sigh)

I was so heartbroken, I skipped school the next day like a shut-in