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CMG-UTOPIA (also known as ::CMG (UTOPIA)::) is a simfile artist and music composer. He is 29 years old and currently resides in Levittown, NY

Simfile History

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Music Composer History

CMG-UTOPIA has been composing and mixing music since 2008. His works are in the Chiptune, Dance, House, Techno, and Trance genres. The programs he uses to create his songs/remixes include MTV Music Generator and LMMS. All of his works are located on his SoundCloud page

Discography (as of 5-31-15)

Album 01: Planet Utopia

  • Chamelot In Trance
  • Doomsday Computer
  • Doomsday Computer (Free Of Viruses Mix)
  • Doomsday Computer (Search & Destroy The Spybots)
  • Feel Good Party (Take It Higher)
  • Frosty Ice Cavern
  • Futuristic Funk (The Tough Mission)
  • Hollywood BLVD (Nightlife)
  • Hollywood BLVD (Superstar Remix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Radical Mix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Raindance Mix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Metropolis Mix)
  • New Phase
  • New Sunset (Mellow Moonlight Mix)
  • New Sunset (Digital Dusk Mix)
  • New Sunset (Artic Aurora Mix)
  • Safari Cliffhanger
  • Skyscape Fantasy
  • Swiss Alps
  • Bonus Track: Tombstone Terror



Album 03: UTOPIAMIX (3686th Style)

  • 22Dunk (Trippin On E)
  • .59 (Sonar Dance Remix)
  • Dr. Love (Instrumental Disco)
  • DXY! (Cruisin' Sunset Remix)
  • Era (Journey through Time Mix)
  • Headache (Xtreme Migration Mix)
  • Max 300 (Dreaming About Arrows Mix)
  • Patsenner (Thugs In The Fog)
  • Perfect Free (Big Jimmy Plays The Organs Mix)
  • Rugged Ash (The Champaign Room)
  • Salamander (Organized House)
  • Special Energy (Tight Technical Tune)
  • Switch (From Day To Night)

Album 04: Organ City (The CD Single)

  • Organ City (Chicago Club Mix)
  • Organ City (Chill Castle Mix)
  • Organ City (Ladies Night At The Dance Club Mix)
  • Organ City (Jungle Popper Jam)
  • Organ City (Hammy-Down House)

Album 05: Flashback (CMG's Other Earlier Creations)

  • Aromatherapy (Makes Good Vibrations)
  • Cloud Cruiser
  • Cloud Cruiser (Hurricane Mix)
  • Digital Disaster
  • Digital Race
  • H.R.T. (Hard Robotic Trance)
  • Hypnosis (Into Dreamland)(feat. bandit-kun)
  • Insanity (Dance To The Music)
  • Modern Thoughts (feat. Raigon)
  • Rainforest Adventure
  • Secret Temple (Discover The Wonders)(feat. bandit-kun)
  • Superjet (feat. bandit-kun)

Album 06: NSF 2 MTV (The Nintendo Remix Album)

  • Alien Invasion Dance Party
  • Bloody Tears (Dance The Night Away Remix)
  • D.A.S.H. (Dash Against Space Horrors)
  • Galactic Night Club
  • Goonies Underground (Cave of Skops Mix)
  • Graveyard Disco At The Addams' House
  • Sea Monster Dance Off
  • Silius (Journey To Paradise Mix)
  • Spaceship Cruise (Latin Jungle Mix)
  • Surf City (under The Lighthouse Mix)
  • Supersonic Cheetahs
  • The Goonies' Almighty Adventure
  • Victory Celebration At The Baseball Field
  • Bonus Track: Mr. Game & Watch Bakes Cookies For Yoshi

Album 07: In The Mind Of A Video Gamer

  • Bust-A-Groove (Jam Packed Remix)
  • Dire Dire Docks (Supercharged Sailboat)
  • House 01 (Freddy's Psychotic Dance Party)
  • Ice Capped Dance Hall
  • Lava Reef Zone (Remix)
  • Lemmings Underground Party
  • NeoGeo Dream
  • Planet X (Snap, Crackle, & Pop From The Turn Table Extended Mix)
  • Stickers For Everyone (In Puyo Puyo Land)
  • Technotris (Show Me Love With Music 2000 Mix)
  • Train Station Trance (At Sunset Park)
  • Vectorman's Ocean Dance Party

Album 08: GEMS (The Green Album)

  • (Loop) Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout Level 2
  • Crystal Castle
  • (Loop) Dark Black Forest
  • Elm Street (Mellow Montage Arrangement)
  • (Loop) Mach Rider
  • MetalMan GameBoy
  • (Loop) nu (100BPM Mix)
  • (Loop) Rainy Savannah
  • Star Force Boss Battle (Turn Me On With GEMS Mix)
  • (Loop) Tale Spin Boss Battle
  • Bonus Track: Wonderful Waves

Album 09: The Remix Album

  • Dirty Talk (H-Core Clip Clap Remix)
  • Don't Stop The Music (Instrumental Square Mix)
  • ESC (Complicated Connections)
  • Negation (Hyperactive Atom Mix)
  • Party Rock Anthem (High Ram Remix)
  • Samba De Nokia
  • TaQ Is Missing
  • ZXZ (Zombie Xtermination Zone)

Album 10: CMG ♥'s Morrigan Aensland

  • Morrigan Aensland (CMG's Move It Mix)
  • Morrigan Aensland (Give Me What You Got Mix)
  • Morrigan Aensland (FaxX MixX)
  • Morrigan Aensland (Red Zone Rave Mix)