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  • Real name: not disclosed here
  • DJ name: CDAN2K
  • IIDX Games Owned: All except IIDX 5th style

A decent beatmania IIDX player. Trying to contribute some useful info to the wiki.

I also work on Wikipedia too, mainly on counter-vandalism, but also contributing to Bemani articles there.

IIDX Goal: 1000 AAAs (completed)
IIDX Goal 2: 1500 AAAs (completed)
IIDX Goal 3: 1750 AAAs (completed)
IIDX Goal 4: 2000 AAAs (completed)

If you have any questions, complaints, or thanks, go to my talk page and leave a note

Kind of semi-retired right now, with working and family stuff, but still doing stuff here and there on the wiki when I have the chance.

And yes, we need more translators here still.

User:CardinalDan/sandbox User:CardinalDan/sandbox2