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Hi fam. Im ikutoP (old vocaloid producer alias) real name Gabriel.

I am from Chile. Also i might be the sworn enemy of the chilean BEMANI community because warcrimes and other evil deeds that won't be disclosed here. (Actually is just net thrash talk against try-hard teenagers so i really pay no mind to be honest.)

Playing levels:

  • IIDX: 8
  • pop'n music: 32
  • DDR: eternal 15
  • GITADORA (guitar): N/A
  • GITADORA (drums): 5.50 or so.
  • jubeat: 10+
  • Reflec Beat: 8

Other than that, i produce music under the yumiyacchi alias.

I usually research about artists and stuff, mainly their works inside Konami non BEMANI related/outside Konami and make some page edits as well. Also doing music researches as well.