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Hi there! I'm Rime, a.k.a. DDR Addict, the guy who used to do a bunch of stepping stuff in the past 5 years! Nowadays, college beckons, but I still keep my pulse to BEMANI news, so I hope to keep this wiki productive.

I also heavily follow music, especially charts of music (Billboard, Japan Billboard, Official Charts UK, you name it!). I also run my own: the Trot 100, designed to measure the most popular brony songs with hard data.

Projects I contributed to: -DanceDanceRevolution Quasar (Sole creator) -TrotMania: Rhythm is Magic (Co-creator, Lead Stepper) -TrotMania: Chrystalize (Lead Stepper) -TrotMania Crusaders (Creator, Lead Stepper) -Billboard 2014 Year-End Pack (Creator, Curator) -TrotMania: Aeturnum Obscurum (Stepper) -Ben Speirs' Speirmix 2015 (Guest Stepper)