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Hi, I'm 348. On many sites, you'll find me as the site's name plus "348" (for example, I'm on Zenius-i-vanisher as ziv348, though I haven't been there in ages and don't intend to return any time soon). I like music/rhythm games, though I'm not necessarily proficient in them due to one thing or another.

My BEMANI series of preference:

  1. DanceDanceRevolution (first exposure, still a favorite)
  2. DANCERUSH (recent exposure, seems quite fun)
  3. jubeat (never played, but should be great)
  4. NOSTALGIA (only seen through videos, but should be great)
  5. GITADORA (played classic series, low priority)
  6. pop'n music (never played, seems tending toward complex)
  7. SOUND VOLTEX (played, but higher levels become too complex for me)
  8. beatmania IIDX (only a beginner, low priority)

I also play non-BEMANI music games, with different levels of proficiency in each.