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About VJ Army IRC

#vjarmy is a general purpose chat channel where you can:

  • Get support if you're having issues with VJ Army or Pop'n Navy.
  • Hear about cutting-edge developmental changes to the site.
  • Play along with community games, like the Music Tatsujin Challenge.
  • Chat with other players.

It is not for music trading or general stupidity.


The channel is hosted on the GameSurge IRC Network.

Point your favorite IRC client at the most appropriate from the following choices:

  • irc.gamesurge.net (master address)
  • irc.au.gamesurge.net (Australian servers only)
  • irc.ca.gamesurge.net (Canadian servers only)
  • irc.eu.gamesurge.net (European servers only)
  • irc.us.gamesurge.net (US servers only)

The channel name is #vjarmy.