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pop'n stage Series

A pop'n stage cabinet.

pop'n stage (ポップンステージ) is a short-lived dancing game based around the pop'n music design and songs, with ten "Switches" (four diagonals and a center on each side, just like PUMP IT UP's panel placement). It is a combination of pop'n music and DanceDanceRevolution, using pop'n-style graphics with DanceDanceRevolution-style gameplay. The game has a bright, colorful interface and machine design, and is easy compared to most other BEMANI games.

pop'n stage only supports one or two players. 6-Switches mode is designed for one player, while 10-Switches mode is for two players (however, 10-Switches MANIAC charts were designed for one player). 6-Switches mode correspond to PUMP IT UP's Half Double mode, as it does not use the four outer corners.

Unlike pop'n music, pop'n stage never did had a CS release, but almost every song from pop'n stage is present in pop'n music 6 CS. Similarly, every new pop'n stage song but full moon is included on the second disc of the pop'n music 3 V.S. pop'n stage soundtrack, and the few songs that were still present in arcade pop'n music titles were included on the pop'n music SUPER BEST BOX compilation.


The goal of the game is to make points by stepping correctly on the matching colored arrows of the dance platforms to the arrows/circles seen on screen when they reach the step zone that can be seen on the top of the screen (in pop'n stage ex, the step zone is shown as ▼ ▲ ● ▲ ▼, but in the original pop'n stage, all of the arrows are shown as circles instead), not unlike the DanceDanceRevolution series. However, each note also plays a sound (usually, a drum or bass sound), so like pop'n music, playing the song correctly will "complete" the song.

Players can choose their character and their pallette during the Mode Selection screen using the 1P Green and 2P White Switches.

Modes and Difficulty

The Foot Switch selection screen.

Upon starting the game, players have the option to select between 6-Switches (recommended for one player, it uses the middle six Switches) and 10-Switches (recommended for two players, it uses all switches) modes. Then, players are given the choice of the following modes:

  • NORMAL (named BEGINNER in the original pop'n stage): The easiest difficulty, ideal for beginners.
  • ANOTHER (named NORMAL in the original pop'n stage): Recommended for advanced players. Certain songs are exclusive to ANOTHER.
  • MANIAC (introduced in pop'n stage ex): The hardest difficulty, selectable by pressing the blue switch while ANOTHER is highlighted.
  • HARD: Course mode.


  • pop'n stage is the first BEMANI series to be inactive.
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