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Yoshihiko Ota

Yoshihiko Ota

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Yoshihiko gradued from a university of arts before joining KONAMI in 1986. His first job was on the MSX game 夢大陸アドベンチャー (Penguin Adventure) as sub-programmer and graphic designer. Prior to his work on the BEMANI series, he also worked on ハイパービシバシチャンプ (Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ). In 1998 as a producer, he created DanceDanceRevolution with a team of 25 people.

Yoshihiko worked as a producer on many BEMANI series such as pop'n music, beatmania IIDX, GuitarFreaks / DrumMania and REFLEC BEAT throughout the years. In 2005, he conducted a BEMANI seminar at KONAMI SCHOOL and Ota's Seminar (大田ゼミ) in 2008. In 2007, he was promoted to the BEMANI Productions Executive Producer.

Yoshihiko is currently the principal of the esports Ginza school at KONAMI Creative Center Ginza, which was established in 2020 [1].


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  • おおたP / otaP
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