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DECADE4ALL is Masayoshi Iimori's first album.

Album Information

Artist Masayoshi Iimori DECADE4ALL.jpg
Release Date 04/22/2020
Catalog Number TRC-011
Published by Trekkie Trax
Track List
Title From
01. D4A (Intro) NEW
02. Euphoria (Reprise) Euphoria EP
03. Punching Down NEW
(beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE)
04. Backdown (feat. Fellsius) NEW
05. NEWALONE (Extended Mix) beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE
06. I Don't Care (feat. Merry Delo) NEW
07. Tell You NEW
08. Runesword NEW
09. Seeya (feat. gummyboy) NEW
10. Friday (feat. TYOSiN) NEW
11. Hopez NEW
12. Alcohol (feat. Relect) NEW

Composition: Masayoshi Iimori (All Tracks), Fellsius (4), Relect (12)
Vocals: Merry Delo (6), gummyboy (9), TYOSiN (10)



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