A Tribute -One Heart-

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A Tribute -One Heart-

A Tribute -One Heart- is an album made as a tribute to the MÚSECA series, that was released during the M3-42 Fall event. In addition to including several music tracks from artists who contributed to the series, it also includes a GRAPHICA MEMORIAL BOOK, featuring original artwork from artists who contributed GRAFICA to the series. It also features the game size version of birth, as well as a long version of it.

Album Information

A Tribute -One Heart-
Release Date 10/28/2018 A Tribute -One Heart-.jpg
Catalog Number NEXT-PIX01
Published by KLAMNOP NEXT
Track List
Title Artist From
01. birth Yu_Asahina MÚSECA
02. アイギス Noah NEW
03. Amor モリモリあつし vs. uma NEW
04. Farewellforvia winddrums NEW
05. Hi-Fi Railway yaseta NEW
06. Glory'n Honor eksΩ feat. ロクナナハチ NEW
07. BABEL 溝口ゆうま feat. 大瀬良あい NEW
08. roll ice cream あるふぁ NEW
09. adultery かねこちはる NEW
10. ヘリウム59 Akizuki Nagomu NEW
11. 超絶ミラクル連コインガール 上村香月 feat.ORI姫 NEW
12. Drawing Following Gowrock NEW
13. solar systeM 庭師 NEW
14. COLORIS ぺのれり NEW
15. Heartening BlackY NEW
Title Artist From
01. Story of 40KB こすも8bit(cosMo@暴走P) NEW
02. Arise Again Ayatsugu_Otowa NEW
03. Repaint お月さま交響曲 NEW
04. Lakeside ginkiha NEW
05. Perfect Lady HOUJIROU NEW
06. Beginning of the story TAKU1175 feat.かなたん NEW
07. Happiness Tracy NEW
08. Deprogramming People Daisuke Ohnuma NEW
09. twinkle:partner かゆき NEW
10. オキザリス white tail box ft.りり NEW
11. 花忍 よああああ(yoa+ああああ) NEW
12. Come with me... technoplanet NEW
13. DahliA Verseus NEW
14. Rebirth Yu_Asahina MÚSECA
CD Staff

Producer: Yu_Asahina (KLAMNOP NEXT}
Total Product Design: TOHRU MiTSUHASHi
Disc.01 Mastering: C-Show
Disc.01+1/2 Mastering: Tomohiko Togashi (Katana Bits)

Disc.01 Track 1 and Disc.01+1/2 Track 14 licensed by Konami Amusement



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