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Song Information

Anti-Matter's jacket.

Artist: Orbit1 & Milo
Composition/Arrangement: Orbit1 & Milo
Producer: DJ Silver
BPM: 100-400
Length: 1:42
First Music Game Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes



Anti-Matter's banner.
  • Anti-Matter is one of the Replicant D-action hidden songs in DanceDanceRevolution X2, representing the color blue. To play Anti-Matter as a Replicant D-action song, you must play TRIAL MODE three times, then get AA/AAA on Pierce The Sky and Shiny World on the same difficulty.
    • As of February 23rd, 2011, Anti-Matter has been unlocked for normal play.
    • Also, as of April 1st, 2011, Anti-Matter's CHALLENGE charts have been unlocked for normal play.
  • In the arcade DanceDanceRevolution titles, Anti-Matter features a unique video. However, it plays in the background of a purple-colored version of the Replicant D-action background dance stage and is not full-screen.
    • In DanceDanceRevolution II/DanceDanceRevolution hottest party5, Anti-Matter's video removes any on-screen dancers and is played in a tiny monitor on the opposite side of the player on Single and in the center on Double/Versus, due to Nintendo Wii memory limitations.
    • This video reuses five DDRMAX-EXTREME background movies.
  • In particle physics, antimatter is material composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and other particle properties such as lepton and baryon number.
  • Anti-Matter appears as downloadable content for DanceDanceRevolution S+, in the DDR X2 Special Pack 4.
  • Anti-Matter is used as background music in a mission on the KONAMI arcade game ROAD FIGHTERS (ロードファイターズ).
  • Anti-Matter's timing was slightly fixed on the September 13th, 2016 update of DanceDanceRevolution A.

Song Production Information

DJ Silver

Teaming up with UK hardcore producers Orbit1 and Milo we've put something together that is a hybrid of dance floor and high energy!
With tones of music elements to make you go crazy the genre is a cross mashup between UK Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, Industrial and even some elements of electro at an extreme BPM!

Difficulty & Notecounts

DanceDanceRevolution difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from X onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 190 / 0 333 / 21 444 / 41 600 / 36 700 / 30 / 0 333 / 21 444 / 56 525 / 43 623 / 36 / 0
DanceDanceRevolution X2 6 9 14 17 18 10 15 17 18
DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX→Present 6 ↑10 14 17 18 10 15 17 18
DanceDanceRevolution II / hottest party 5 6 9 14 17 18 10 15 17 18
DanceDanceRevolution S+ 6 9 14 17 - - - - -
Replicant D-action
Medal-unlockable Songs Anti-Matter (Blue) - New Decade (Orange) - Pierce The Sky (Cyan) - POSSESSION (Purple) - Sakura Sunrise (Green)
Shiny World (Yellow)
ENCORE EXTRA STAGE Valkyrie dimension