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Artist Information


Backy is a long-time bassist both in and outside of BEMANI. He has provided bass for concerts for artists like Seattle Reeses, Atsushi Shindo, and his own duo, SASEBO BROTHERS.

From 2002 to 2010, he was a part of a label called SC Produce along with Kazuyoshi Maruyama, and Tetsuya Takamizawa.





Song Artist Game Genre Lyrics Vocals Bass
Moonlight Prayer Sana ee'MALL beat punk - -
Flapper SASEBO BROTHERS pop'n music 6 CS STREET - -
エピキュリアンへの少数意見 SASEBO BROTHERS pop'n music 7 CS SHUFFLE - -
Cryin' SASEBO BROTHERS pop'n music 8 CS HOT ROCK - -
顔について SASEBO BROTHERS pop'n music 8 CS MEDIUM - -
ロマンス 丸山和嘉 pop'n music 8 CS LATIN ENKA - -
Blue River T-BONE pop'n music 11 CS COWBOY
ドリームパフェ スノーベリーキッズ pop'n music 11 CS Scotland - -
WHITE BIRDS (Mirage Mix) T-Bone pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE VISUAL REMIX - -
Wenkamui Zektbach REFLEC BEAT - - -
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