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Song Information

びいすと!'s LIGHT / NOVICE jacket.
びいすと!'s MEDIUM / ADVANCED jacket.
びいすと!'s BEAST / jubeat / EXHAUST jacket.
びいすと!'s NIGHTMARE / MAXIMUM jacket.

Artist: ビートまりおとARM
Composition: beatMARIO
Arrangement: ARM
Lyrics: beatMARIO, ARM
Vocals: beatMARIO, ARM, Takai-san
BPM: 200
Length: 1:44
Movie: Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ
Jacket design: Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ
First Music Game Appearance: BeatStream
Other Music Game Appearances:



あー言われてえ... あー言われてえ... びすこに
BisCo 「パーフェクト!すごいっ!すごいっ!ぱちぱちっ!?

...って  言われてえっ ひゃはっ言われてえっ!!
ははっ言われてえけど この曲けっこー難しくてさ
だからさー ちょっと練習してくれねーかなと思って一緒に
え? 何? やる? じゃあやろっかじゃあ♡
え? ウサテイぽいって?はははーw

はい、上上下下左右左右 Bと!Aと!ビートストリーム!
右中右中右上右上 叢雲連打を見逃すな!


タカハシサン ハッカー気づいてますよねw
あ タカハシサン これ内緒じゃないんですけど

おっ... おねえさーん!

Song Connections / Remixes

  • びいすと! is very similar to ウサテイ, another song involving beatMARIO. This is acknowledged in びいすと!'s lyrics and video.


  • びいすと! was added to BeatStream on July 17th, 2015 to celebrate the first anniversary of the game's release.
  • びいすと! marks beatMARIO's first original song in BEMANI. He previously provided a Touhou Project arrangement for the BEMANI×TOHO project REITAISAI 2015 event with BEAT-NEW-WORLD.
    • It also marks the first KONAMI original collaboration between him and ARM in BEMANI.
  • びいすと!'s video contains bits and pieces of videos of every BeatStream KONAMI original in the original BeatStream.
  • "びいすと" (ビースト) is the official Japanese nickname for BeatStream.
  • The KONAMI Code (↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A) is referenced in びいすと!'s lyrics.
  • びいすと! received a NIGHTMARE chart in BeatStream on November 26th, 2015, unlockable via BEAST HACKER.
  • びいすと! is automatically unlocked in jubeat Qubell from February 23rd, 2017 by having played BeatStream アニムトライヴ before February 13th, 2017, as part of Phase 1 of the BeatStream no ano kyokutachi ga jubeat demo asobechau! (BeatStreamのあの曲達がjubeatでも遊べちゃう!) event.
    • びいすと!'s BEAST jacket is used as the jubeat series' jacket.
    • In jubeat clan, it can be unlocked in the jubeat SHOP.
    • In jubeat festo, it can be purchased at the emo MART.
  • びいすと! could be unlocked in SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN from January 18th to February 18th, 2018 as part of the Maybe~nyuugaku!? BeatStream gakkyoku VOLTE ni chakkou daisakusen!! (メイビ~入学!? BeatStream楽曲ボルテに着港大作戦!!) event. It could be unlocked after obtaining sixteen stamps.
    • It could be unlocked again from April 13th to May 13th, 2018.
    • It could be unlocked again from September 13th to 30th, 2018.
    • びいすと!'s LIGHT, MEDIUM, BEAST, and NIGHTMARE jackets are used as the SOUND VOLTEX NOVICE, ADVANCED, EXHAUST, and MAXIMUM jackets, respectively.
  • In the BeatStream series, "murakumo renda" (叢雲連打) means that a next ripple notes will appear in the same position before a previous ripple notes disappear. This stems from the quarter-ripple notes that appear in the same place in two consecutive times on the MEDIUM chart of 月に叢雲華に風. びいすと!'s BEAST and NIGHTMARE charts include a murakumo renda respectvily.
  • In all difficulties of びいすと!'s BeatStream, jubeat, and SOUND VOLTEX charts, there are tricky positioned notes during hold notes. This is directly referred by its lyrics and video.
  • びいすと!'s lyrics and video references Kosuke Takahashi (高橋弘介) as "会えるタカハシサン" ("meetable Takahashi-san"), who was in charge of advertisement and creating note patterns of the Taiko no tatsujin series (e.g. the 2000 series such as きたさいたま2000) at BANDAI NAMCO until 2010.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

BeatStream difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and from 1 to Kami (神) in アニムトライヴ.
jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards.
SOUND VOLTEX difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game Level
Light Medium Beast Nightmare
Notecounts 164 226 397 580
BeatStream 4 6 9 10
BeatStream アニムトライヴ 4 ↑7 9 10


Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts / Holds 202 / 6 376 / 11 736 / 56
jubeat Qubell→clan 4 7 10
jubeat festo location test 4 7 10.1
jubeat festo→Present 4 7 ↓10.0
jubeat plus 4 7 10
jubeat plus (Android) 4 7 10


Game Level
Novice Advanced Exhaust Maximum Heavenly
Max Chain 742 1189 1420 1906 -
Effected By 月刊ミズタニ 月刊ミズタニ 月刊ミズタニ 月刊ミズタニ -
Jacket Artists Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ Kaitoとビートストリーム動画制作ラボ -
SOUND VOLTEX IV→Present 6 12 15 18 -

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