Chouseishounen no tame no choutakou na choukotenteki choubukyoku

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Song Information

Artist: Project B-
Composition/Arrangement: Project B-
BPM: 150
Length: 2:00
VJ: MAYA (location test), OTAS (final release)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • A long version of 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲, titled 超・超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 超マスト愛聴版, can be found on the beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK album.


  • In the location test version of beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL, 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 was one of the PRESENT Phase exclusive songs.
  • 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 had a generic video in the location test of beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL. It received its own unique video in the final release.
  • When 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 is played on beatmania IIDX, the arcade LED ticker displays "VERY CLASSICAL DANCE WITH VERY EUPHORIA FOR VERRRRRY JUVENILE".
  • 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲's Double ANOTHER chart was available for play in the location test of beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL, but it was locked in the final release until November 20th, 2014, when it was unlocked for normal play.
  • 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 received LEGGENDARIA charts on September 17th, 2015, which can be unlocked throughout the -伝説錬金- PENDUAL TALISMAN event. To obtain them you must defeat Tsuchinoe inu shuu "Ruri" (戊戌衆「瑠璃」) in the ANOTHER STAGE1 of the event.
  • 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 was one of the qualifying round songs in the The 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship for beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ.
  • 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 is available in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS as part of beatmania IIDX INFINITAS 楽曲パック vol.9.

Song Production Information

Project B-

I'm so happy.

So super happy.

So happy I could fly like a butterfly. (Squeals from delight)

Super yeah.
Super happy association.
This time, ha ha, I wanted to make an ultra happy song, something like the feeling of eating a bunch of shrimp.
So, if you are eating some shrimp, please play and be happy happy happy, ha ha ha!

Video Production Information


Because the musical style for this song was fresh to me, I decided to incorporate color elements that signified the elements of the song while balancing it with my own style.
Actually, if you look carefully, you can see that there are two different types of animations, since there are two different styles.
I used a color scheme that I have not used before now which I used in different ways, and I changed the colors in the animation in such a way that one could enjoy until the end.
I hope you will enjoy.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 531 1028 1350 2110 529 973 1651 2257
beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL location test - 6 9 11 - 6 8 10 -
beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL→Present - 6 9 11 12 6 8 ↑12 12
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 6 9 11 - 6 8 12 -
beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE - 6 9 11 - - - - -