Colorful Palette

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Colorful Palette

Colorful Palette is P*Light's third solo album, released during the Comiket 89 event under his pichnopop label. The album itself features a long version of one of his SOUND VOLTEX songs.

Album Information

Colorful Palette
Artist P*Light Colorfulpalette.jpg
Release Date 12/31/2015
Catalog Number PSOLO-004
Published by pichnopop
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Monoqlo Canvas P*Light NEW
02. OVERDRIVERS (Extend ver.) P*Light feat. mow*2 SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
03. Pumpkin Panic P*Light Pumpkin Panic EP
04. Spinnin' Dish P*Light NEW
05. The Cry of Youth (Extend Ver.) P*Light EURO TRANCE PROJECT -Phase 2-
06. Once Upon A Love P*Light NEW
07. OMG MON5TER P*Light EPM -electro planet music-
08. CRAZY NIGHTMARE P*Light Pumpkin Panic EP
09. You're Everything P*Light vs Yuyoyuppe NEW
10. Colorful Palette P*Light NEW
11. TANO*C TOUR 2015 Ending P*Light & HARDCORE TANO*C All Stars NEW

Producer/Mastering: P*Light
Tracks 02 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Composers: P*Light, Yuyoyuppe
Vocals: mow*2, Yuyoyuppe
Design/Illustrations: Hachipuyo, TOHRU MiTSUHASHi.
Special Thanks: LV.4, REDALiCE.


  • Counting his minor releases, Colorful Palette is P*Light's ninth album.
  • TANO*C TOUR 2015 Ending was the ending theme of HARDCORE TANO*C's TANO*C TOUR 2015 TOKYO live event. It is available here.

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