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Song Information

Composition/Lyrics: Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey, Paul Gilbert and Andre Pessis
Arrangement/Guitars/Bass/Drill & Drum Programming: Mutsuhiko Izumi
Vocals/Chorus: Stephen McKnight
Recording Engineer: Masami Kenmoku(Qtec), Miho Toyoda
Original Artist: Mr.BIG
Album: Lean into It (1991)
BPM: 184
Length: 1:35
Movie: Saori Doi
First Music Game Appearance: GUITARFREAKS 4thMIX & drummania 3rdMIX
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


If you're a red hot fire cracker
I will light your fuse
If you cry like a little girl
I'll dry your baby blues
When you need a man of action
I'm ready to make my move
Like a shotgun shot, Johnny on the spot
There's nothing I can't do

Everything you're looking for
You can find in me
I'll be anything you want
Anyone you need
I'll be your daddy, your brother, your lover and
Your little boy.

Song Connections / Remixes



  • Lean into It is Mr.BIG's second album.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

Difficulty for early GF/DM games rated from 1 to 10 stars. GF/DM difficulty for GF5/dm4 and beyond rated from 1 to 99. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game Drum Guitar Bass Open
Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts - 580 671 408 408 408 493 493 - - - -
GF4/dm3 - 6 7 5 7 7 N/A N/A - - - -
GF5/dm4 - 57 65 54 60 69 N/A N/A - - - -
ギタドラ! GF4/dm3 - 6 7 5 7 7 N/A N/A - - - -