Dawn of Asia EP

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Dawn of Asia EP

Dawn of Asia EP is kamome sano's second EP, released during the M3-33 Spring event. As its title suggests, it features the long version of Dawn of Asia from SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-, alongside other tracks. The album was released under tatsuta recordings, kamome sano's label.

Album Information

Dawn of Asia EP
Artist kamome sano Dawnofasia.jpg
Release Date 04/27/2014
Catalog Number KMSN-0015
Published by tatsuta recordings
Track List
Title From
01. Dawn of Asia(kamome sano mix) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
02. Resurrection NEW
03. Prepared Improvisation NEW
04. Floating Drop NEW
05. Sāi-bak-hō NEW
06. corona(wobble magic library remix) 夏の星空+beta_20130812

Music, Mixing, Mastering and Design: kamome sano
Track 1 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 1 composed by kamome sano and ginkiha
Track 6 remixed by wobble magic library


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