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Song Information

Artist: Osamu Kubota
Composition/Arrangement: Osamu Kubota
BPM: 140
Length: 1:27
VJ: VJ GYO (overlays by shiro)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 7th style
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • According to Osamu Kubota, foreplay is a sequel to Presto.



Song Production Information

Osamu Kubota

In the 1980s there was a certain keyboard player. While his hair - down to his hips! - would fly all about, he would skillfully control five keyboards, and was famous for freely switching between complicated 7/8 and 19/16 rhythms. However, he had one weakness. He couldn't play simple 4/4 rhythms! Whenever someone suggested he start playing a simple 4/4 tune, his hands would clench, his breathing would turn shallow, and he'd claim, "4/4 music is dying". He vigorously denied the right to existence of all dance music. Time passed, and now he has perfected the ultimate in 4-beat play. No matter how close you listen to it, it's 4-beat with no changing rhythms. That is this song. Along with the meaning(?) of the word, foreplay has the double meaning of being the ultimate 4/4 play song.

It's a one minute twenty second ode to my beloved, the piano, practically without a break once it begins. What do you think? This is the second coming of Presto.

Video Production Information


I did the animation for this song. The scenery I used was from the neighbourhood where shio and I grew up - "Secret Local Photography Special Technique!" .. And so, the climactic, personal finish.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 7+ in 7th through 9th style, 1 to 8 in 10th style, 1 to 8+ in 11 IIDX RED, and 1 to 12 in 12 HAPPY SKY.

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Beginner Normal Hyper Another Normal Hyper Another
Notecounts 284 357 631 684 361 630 979
beatmania IIDX 7th style→11 IIDX RED - 4 7 N/A 5 7 N/A
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY - 4 ↑8 8 5 ↑8 10
beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD→14 GOLD - 4 8 8 5 8 ↑11
beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS→Present - 4 8 8 5 ↑9 11
beatmania IIDX 7th style CS 3 4 7 7 5 7 7