Grimoire of Blue

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Grimoire of Blue

Grimoire of Blue is Team Grimoire's first album, released during the M3-34 Fall event. It features a long version of one of his SOUND VOLTEX songs.

Album Information

Grimoire of Blue
Artist Team Grimoire Grimoireblue.jpg
Release Date 10/26/2014
Catalog Number TG-001
Published by Team Grimoire
Track List
Title From
01. Prologue -Grimoire of Blue - NEW
03. Dyslexia NEW
04. Aphasia NEW
05. The Black Pullet NEW
06. Ars Magna NEW
07. Epilogue NEW

All tracks written and composed by Team Grimoire
Tracks 02 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 02 co-produced with Amaneko
Track 06 co-produced with Nizikawa
Mastered by you


  • Team Grimoire planned his first album a year prior to its release, and it would have contained croiX and also C18H27NO3.

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