Grimoire of Crimson

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Grimoire of Crimson

Grimoire of Crimson is Team Grimoire's second album, released during the M3-35 Spring event. It features a long version of one of his SOUND VOLTEX songs.

Unlike Grimoire of Blue, which mainly focused on Gothic-themed tracks, Grimoire of Crimson focuses on hardcore genres.

Album Information

Grimoire of Crimson
Artist Team Grimoire Grimoirered.jpg
Release Date 04/26/2015
Catalog Number TG-002
Published by Team Grimoire
Track List
Title From
01. Grimoire of Crimson NEW
02. Jormungand FREQUENCY BLITZ 2
03. G1ll35 d3 R415 NEW
04. upright NEW
05. Vendetta NEW
06. b4d dr4g0n NEW
07. Nightmare System NEW
08. Freedom NEW
09. C18H27NO3(extend) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-

All tracks except 08 written and composed by Team Grimoire
Track 08 written and composed by Noizenecio
Track 09 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Mastered by you
Special thanks: Attack The Music


  • Grimoire of Crimson's jacket is identical to Grimoire of Blue's one, except slightly different art and the use of red color instead of blue.
  • Grimoire of Crimson (the song) also appears in Rayark's Cytus II.

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