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Hajime Saito

Staff Information


Hajime Saito was the third series director for pop'n music, following Seiji Higurashi and Ryo Komatsu. He initially started off as the director and a programmer on the pop'n music アニメロ games before becoming the director of the main series starting with pop'n music 6, though he continued to serve as a programmer from pop'n music 7 through 9.


  • Hajime is also credited under Special Thanks in beatmania III THE FINAL and DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME.
  • Hajime was the one who gave famous pop'n music character (the character of 大見解, HIP ROCK) his name.
  • According to the pop'n music 8 Q&A, Hajime could play charts up to Level 39 on the old 1-43 pop'n music difficulty scale, the highest of any pop'n music staff member at the time.
    • The same Q&A also makes notes that Hajime himself did the grand majority of the Battle and 5-Button charts for pop'n music 8.


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