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Hideki Fujisawa

Hideki Fujisawa

Artist Information


Hideki Fujisawa, better known by the stage name DANCE☆MAN (ダンス☆マン), started his career in 1998, and has since established a rather lengthy and successful following centered around his re-arranging of '70s and '80s American disco, funk, and boogie songs and replacing the lyrics with often humorous Japanese lyrics. He also makes his own original songs, such as those featured in beatmania IIDX. He began his career when he signed with the Japanese music label avex and started releasing singles and albums, but in 1999, he began arranging and re-arranging music written by popular Japanese composers, beginning with the single LOVEマシーン by female group Morning Musume., which was extremely popular and got DANCE☆MAN's name known in this business. In 2001, Fujisawa composed the song "Yatta!" (performed by fictional boy band GREEN LEAVES) as part of a sketch on the comedy series 笑う犬の冒険 ("Silly Go Lucky"). The song's music video became a large global internet meme at the time, which also spawned a popular Flash video parody.

DANCE☆MAN is very secretive about his identity to the public. He is never seen without wearing a large afro hairstyle wig and sideburns with large sunglasses and does not release his personal info on websites or in CDs. He performs and records with a band who he aptly names "THE BANDMAN", which consists of 8 musicians and backup vocalists. He formed a group of 4 girls to do the lead singing in his song We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 from HAPPY SKY, who he names "Disっ娘" (diskko), featuring O.L. and ANNIE from THE BANDMAN and Yoma Komatsu and Risa Sotohana from BeForU.


  • Hideki has also appeared in BANDAI NAMCO's THE IDOLM@STER series.




Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 DANCE☆MAN feat. Disっ娘 beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY DISCO -
オレはビートマニア!お前は何マニア? DANCE☆MAN beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY FUNK
新・ラーメン大好き小池さんの唄 シャ乱Q jubeat plus - - - -



  • MIRRORBALLISM 2 (1999)
  • MIRRORBALLISM 3 (2000)
  • MIRRORBALLISM 4 (2002)
  • GREATEST HITS (2002)
  • FUNK LOVE (2008)
  • ダンス☆マン respects ケロロ軍曹 (2009)
  • ディスコ戦隊 アフレンジャー (2010)
  • From Planet Mirrorball (2019)


  • 背の高いヤツはジャマ (1998)
  • ワンBOXのオーナー / ダンス部 部長南原 (1998)
  • ヘンなあだ名はイヤ (1999)
  • 接吻のテーマ (2000)
  • "ドーム3コ分" ってどのくらい? (2000)
  • 漢字読めるけど書けない (2000)
  • 恋と愛の天国 (2000)
  • JAZZ SOUL FUNK (2001)
  • LA★BOOO (2001)
  • 勝利 V 絶対つかもう! (2002)
  • アフロ軍曹 (2004)
  • 南天のど飴の歌 (2008, as ナンテンマン)