Innocent Walls

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Innocent Walls

Song Information

Artist: TaQ
Composition/Arrangement: TaQ
BPM: 155
Length: 2:01
Movie: F-FLY
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 10th style
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • A down-tempo, extended version of Innocent Walls appears on TaQ's second album, ongaq:stromatolite.
  • The Single ANOTHER chart version of Innocent Walls sounds significantly different than the other charts.


  • Innocent Walls was largely composed while TaQ was recuperating in a hospital. The title is a reference to the hospital walls based on a conversation TaQ had with another patient.
    • TaQ later stated on Twitter that the conversation during his recuperation was what led him to stop contributing to beatmania IIDX, believing he has done his part and should move on, despite the beatmania IIDX staff's opposition.
  • Innocent Walls' charts were made by TaQ himself.
  • Retroactively, Innocent Walls is the first song to have a Level 12 Single HYPER chart.
    • Innocent Walls and gigadelic are the only songs in beatmania IIDX with Single HYPER charts rated Level 12.
  • Innocent Walls' old BEGINNER chart has the highest notecount of any BEGINNER chart, with 530 notes.
  • Innocent Walls and Changes mark TaQ's final original compositions in the beatmania IIDX series.
  • Measure #69 of Innocent Walls' ANOTHER chart may be considered an inside joke.

Song Production Information


The last wall was too innocent...

Video Production Information


Since this is a very bold song, I wanted the movie to have the same sort of vigorous feeling to it.
(Do you get it? Don't worry about it, just go with the feeling already.)

I had the image of "walls" of "Innocent Walls" being covered with graffiti.
Something like, "No matter what is written on the wall, the wall is innocent - it has committed no crime."
Not really the same as "the pen is mightier than the sword".
Rather, the feeling of "Don't emphasize the violent aspect, but rather the expression on the wall. There's nothing wrong with using a wall this way." is what I tried to aim for...
(Be careful, though! In reality, it's a crime to write graffiti on the walls!)

So. The graffiti style. The street style. I went for a mix of the blood-splatter-like design + typography + TaQ.
I don't think anyone realizes it, but the image and video are taken from the first Secret Live event.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated 1 to 8 in 10th style, 1 to 8+ in IIDX RED, and 1 to 12 in HAPPY SKY onwards.

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 530 847 1281 1446 - 855 1140 1653 -
beatmania IIDX 10th style - 7 8 N/A - 7 8 N/A -
beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED - 7 ↑8+ N/A - 7 ↑8+ N/A -
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY - ↑8 ↑11 12 - 7 ↑10 12 -
beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD→14 GOLD - 8 ↑12 12 - 7 10 12 -
beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS→Present - 8 12 12 - ↑8 10 12 -
beatmania IIDX 10th style CS 3 7 8 8 - 7 8 8 -
beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS CS 3 8 12 12 - 7 10 12 -
beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS + PREMIUM BEST ※3 8 12 12 - 8 10 12 -

※ Denotes chart has been revised from the older BEGINNER chart (total notes: 394).