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Song Information

きょうもハレバレ's BeatStream / jubeat / SOUND VOLTEX jacket.
きょうもハレバレ's jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus jacket.

Artist: ふわりP feat. GUMI's
Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: FuwariP
Vocals: GUMI's (GUMI Native, Adult, Power, Sweet, Whisper)
Album: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMitia from Megpoid (2013)
BPM: 134
Length: 1:40
Movie: Not-116 (Illustrations by ユンケル)
First Music Game Appearance: SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
Other Music Game Appearances:



(かけごえ) あどーん

(ネイティブ) とけいのかねが ひびくそら
(スウィート) きょうも てんてけてんてんてん
(パワー) そ〜れ ぴんぴきぴんぴんぴん
(ウィスパー) カーテンをひらいて あさが
(アダルト) そよぐ てんてけてんてんてんてんてんのてんてん

(スウィート) ひだまりに あくびして
(ウィスパー) ななめに せのびして
(アダルト) ことりを ながめたら
(ネイティブ) トースターにいちまい パンをのせて

(パワー) きょうがはじまる

(みんなで) あざやかに まちはかがやいている
きらきらと あすをつなぐ
くれてゆく ひのひかりのおくに
いつかの そらをうつしだす

あめがふり ずぶぬれのまま
みずたまりを あるくきょうも
やがて またはれて あしたがくる
まちは きょうも わらっている

(かけごえ) あどーん

Song Connections / Remixes



  • きょうもハレバレ was added to SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- on February 21st, 2014.
  • きょうもハレバレ can be unlocked in jubeat saucer fulfill by completing all the challenges of the Smith Seminar Natsu no jin (スミスゼミナール夏の陣) event.
    • In jubeat prop, it can be unlocked by playing it as a BONUS TUNE from May 28th, 2015.
    • As of jubeat Qubell, it is available by default.
  • きょうもハレバレ received a new set of charts in the arcade jubeat releases.
    • It also uses the SOUND VOLTEX jacket instead of the jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus one.
  • In the SOUND VOLTEX series, きょうもハレバレ's artist is capitalized as ふわりP Feat. GUMI's.
    • In jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus, きょうもハレバレ is credited to just ふわりP.
  • きょうもハレバレ was added to BeatStream on January 29th, 2015. Its MEDIUM and BEAST charts could be unlocked via the BisCo mail Minna otsukare-samada yoo(>▽<) in Takahashi-san Lab..
    • As of December 3rd, 2015, these charts have been unlocked by default.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

BeatStream difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and from 1 to Kami (神) in アニムトライヴ.
jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards.
REFLEC BEAT to groovin'!! Upper difficulty rated from 1 to 10+, and from 1 to 13 in VOLZZA/VOLZZA 2.
SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH to III GRAVITY WARS difficulty rated from 1 to 16, and 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki and BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game Level
Light Medium Beast Nightmare
Notecounts 121 209 418 -
BeatStream 3 5 8 -
BeatStream アニムトライヴ 3 ↑6 ↑9- -


CS Charts

Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts ? ? 657
jubeat plus 3 6 8
jubeat plus (Android) 3 6 8

AC Charts

Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts 184 387 544
jubeat saucer fulfill→Present 3 6 8


Game Level
Basic Medium Hard Special
Notecounts 103 184 443 -
REFLEC BEAT plus 3 5 9 -


Game Level
Novice Advanced Exhaust Maximum Heavenly
Max Chain 336 529 758 - -
Effected By ユカリ☆chan ユカリ☆chan ユカリ☆chan - -
Jacket Artists ユンケル ユンケル ユンケル - -
SOUND VOLTEX II→Present 3 8 12 - -
SOUND VOLTEX III コナステ 3 8 12 - -
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