Megu Sakuragawa

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Megu Sakuragawa

Artist Information


Megu Sakuragawa is a Japanese singer and voice actress belonging to S inc.. Megu debuted in 2008 as a singer while learning at the PRO FIT Inc. voice actor training school.​ In 2016, she was transferred to S inc., and changed the Sakura kanji in her family name from "桜" to "櫻". Both of her BEMANI songs have involved Masato Nakayama, whom she often works with outside of BEMANI.


  • Sakuragawa, the family name on her stage name, is the name of the town in the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan she is from.
  • Outside of rhythm games, Megu has also provided the voices of Tsubasa Kira in Love Live! and Ako Udagawa in BanG Dream!.


  • 桜川めぐ


Song Artist Game Genre Vocals
メイメツ、フラグメンツ 中山真斗(Elements Garden) feat.桜川めぐ beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro CYBER SYMPHONIC POP
お願いアインシュタイン 中山真斗 feat.桜川めぐ beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA CYBER SYMPHONIC POP



  • 1・2・3でオンライン (2011)
  • BRAVE BLADE! (2012)