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Elements Garden

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​In 2004, Noriyasu Agematsu took over Creative Musical Instrument (CMI), a musical instrument shop run by his father, and Elements Garden was born as its in-house group.

They were originally the team that produced BGMs for gal games on the Riverside Music company since 2002, but the members including Noriyasu became independent in 2004. ​In 2012, the Elements Garden members moved to the current ARIA Entertainment, ​a music production company also represented by Noriyasu.

Elements Garden has produced a number of BGMs for commercial games and animations, and is best known for its significant contributions to BROCCOLI's Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ series and Bushiroad's BanG Dream! series. They has also produced many songs for singers such as Shouta Aoi, Minami Kuribayashi, Nana Mizuki, Yoshino Nanjo, and Megu Sakuragawa.

In BEMANI, they are known to produce several ひなビタ♪/バンめし♪ songs, and some of the members have provided other KONAMI original songs for BEMANI games.


Current Members

Former Members

  • Evan Call
  • Haruki Mori
  • Masato Nakayama
  • Ryota Suemasu
  • Tomohiro Kita
  • Yasutomo Nakai