Natsu no hoshizora+beta 20130812

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夏の星空+beta_20130812 is kamome sano's 13th album, released during the Comiket 84 event. It features long versions of two BEMANI songs from the SOUND VOLTEX series.

The album, released under kamome sano's tatsuta recordings label, contains all the songs of the artist's previously released album 夏の星空.

Album Information

Artist kamome sano Beta20130812.jpg
Release Date 08/12/2013
Catalog Number KMSN-0014
Published by tatsuta recordings
Track List
Title From
01. 夏の星空 夏の星空
02. 夜をながめる 夏の星空
03. 線香花火 夏の星空
04. 望遠鏡(extended edit) 夏の星空
05. H2O NEW
06. splash! NEW
07. aqua NEW
08. freaky freak(extended edit) SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
09. éclair au chocolat(extended edit) SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
10. corona NEW
11. electron with 黒魔 NEW
12. 月が二つ(Daisuke Ohnuma Dreaming Dub) オリオン+beta_20121215
13. 線香花火(Fireworks Remix) 夏の星空
14. O2 NEW
15. shutdown NEW

Music, Lyrics, Mixing, Mastering and Design: kamome sano
Track 8 and 9 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 11 written and produced by kamome sano and Chroma
Track 12 remixed by Daisuke Ohnuma
Track 13 remixed by Hikage
Vocals: Miku Hatsune (3), Mikanzil (13)


  • Unlike the other kamome sano albums of the "beta" series, beta_20130812 doesn't have a standalone release.
  • On the album's product page, song 12 and 13 are erroneously swapped in the tracklist.

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