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noisycroak Co.,Ltd.

Artist Information

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  • Name: noisycroak Co.,Ltd. (株式会社ノイジークローク)
  • Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Members:
    • Hideki Sakamoto (Representative Director), Hiroyoshi Kato (Executive Officer), Ken Inaoka (Fukuoka Branch Manager & Producer), Masataka Saito (Sound Designer)
    • Composers: Keisuke Ito, Yasushi Asada, Noriko Murakami, Ryusuke Fujioka, Keita Tsuda
    • 1st Production Division: Ichiro Ibisu (Manager), Akinori Murakami (Assistant Director), So Sato (Sound Designer), Mio Nakamura (Sound Designer)
    • 2nd Production Divison: Atsuhiro Ishizuna (Manager), Yoshio Wakamiya (Sound Designer), Ryo Shirasawa (Sound Designer)
    • Promotion Division: Shio Oyama (Director), Yuki Jinnouchi (Assistant Director)
  • Former Member: Yasuhiro Kawagoe


noisycroack Co., Ltd. is a sound production company specialized in video games since April 1st, 1996. The company was reorganized as a yuugen gaisha on March 19th, 2004 and finally, as a kabushiki gaisha in 2007. Director and founder, Hideki Sakamoto decided in 2010 to create noisycroak RECORDS, an in-house label in order to publish their soundtracks and sheet music to the public. In 2012, five of noisycroak's members created TEKARU, an in-house band. So far, noisycroak provided songs to three BEMANI series: DanceDanceRevolution, GuitarFreaks & DrumMania, and jubeat.


  • nc
  • noisycroak / ノイジークローク


This page will only list songs credited to noisycroak Co.,Ltd. as a company. For songs credited to its members, please see their individual artist pages.

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement
Stairway Generation (Base Ball Bear) DanceDanceRevolution MUSIC FIT -
君を守って 君を愛して (サンボマスター) DanceDanceRevolution MUSIC FIT -
6.7 Billion nc ft. mami DanceDanceRevolution Pocket Edition

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