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Artist Information


Parquets (パーキッツ) was the duo of music composer Tsugumi Kataoka and lyricist/vocalist Manami Fujino, who were active from 1992 to 2009. They have been producing songs for various anime, like Bomberman Jetters and Mirumo de Pon, amongst other projects since the mid-1990s. From 2001 to 2006, they also worked for KONAMI, releasing various albums and EPs for their music label, but they are best known for their contributions to the pop'n music series. From 2006 to 2008, they were signed on to Sound City.

In a rarity in BEMANI, Parquets composed exclusively for pop'n music, and their music has almost never been transplanted into any other BEMANI series (the one and only exception so far being Ping×Pong×Dash). Both Kataoka and Fujino have also contributed to the pop'n music series collaborating with other BEMANI artists, and Kataoka has also made his own songs as a solo artist.

Parquets was dissolved after a live event in June 2009, when Fujino decided to take an indefinite hiatus.

Note that this page only includes songs under the Parquets name. It does not include songs where Kataoka and Fujino contributed together under other aliases.



All songs composed and arranged by Tsugumi Kataoka (except for すいみん不足, ケロッ! と マーチ and 恋する東京 SF_P5 ElePop Mix).
All songs written and sung by Manami Fujino (except for すいみん不足 and ケロッ! と マーチ).

Song Artist Genre Game
恋のシャレード パーキッツ MAGICAL GIRL pop'n music 3
水中家族のテーマ パーキッツ CELT pop'n music 3
Over The Rainbow パーキッツ FRIENDLY pop'n music 4
それから パーキッツ SKY pop'n music 5 CS
すいみん不足 パーキッツ KITERETSU pop'n music 6
HAPPY MUSIC パーキッツ SUNNY pop'n music 7
お天気とチョコレート パーキッツ MODE pop'n music 7 CS
Over the Rainbow (Live ver.) パーキッツ FRIENDLY LIVE pop'n music 8
チェイス!チェイス!チェイス! パーキッツ FRESH pop'n music 8
Filament Circus パーキッツ CAROL pop'n music 9
水中家族のテーマ パーキッツ CELT LONG pop'n music 9
うぐいす パーキッツ TWEET pop'n music 9 CS
Ping×Pong×Dash パーキッツ SKIP pop'n music 10
さよならサンクチュアリ パーキッツ VOYAGE pop'n music 11
恋する東京 パーキッツ TOKYO ROMAN pop'n music 12 いろは
メルト パーキッツ MELT pop'n music 13 カーニバル
アミュレット パーキッツ WISH pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS
つぼみ パーキッツ PINKISH pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE
3・2・1→Smile! パーキッツ CHEER-PARA pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
ケロッ! と マーチ パーキッツ ケロッ!とマーチ pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
恋する東京 SF_P5 ElePop Mix パーキッツ Rmx by Sota Fujimori TOKYO ROMAN REMIX pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
ピンク パーキッツ ADOLESCENCE pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
パラボラ パーキッツ PARABOLA pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝


This only includes albums under the Parquets duo.


  1. 半魚人 (1998)
  2. Liquid Melody (2001)
  3. pop'n music Artist Collection パーキッツ (2001)
  4. hummingbird PARQUETS ~pop'n music Artist Collection~ (2003)
  5. パーキィ・サークル (2004)
  6. ぱきポプ全部入り!PARQUETS pop'n music best (2006)
  7. パラボラ (2008)


  1. 愛はカッコわるい (1994)
  2. きみにあえて うれしい (1997)
  3. らびゅらびゅ (2004)
  4. あしたになあれ (2004)
  5. シュガー・シュガー (2005)

Other Albums

  1. funny mouth V.A. (1993, V.A. album)