Takayoshi Watanabe

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Takayoshi Watanabe

Artist Information


Takayoshi Watanabe is a commissioned Japanese artist who contributed as a sound data analyzer for beatmania and beatmania 2ndMIX, alongside Ryuichi Nitta and Hiroki Koga. Later he composed some tracks for the pop'n music series, starting with pop'n music 3.

Outside of BEMANI, Takayoshi has worked with DJ 19 and his son Hiroshi Watanabe, and with vocalists CATAPILA (who contributed vocals for Go no stopping and BoaBoaLady!) and Julianne, who also provided vocals for two of Takayoshi's BEMANI songs.


  • Edison


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
TILL THE END OF TIME Julianne&Edison pop'n music 3 DANCE POP
LA LA LA Edison pop'n music 3 JUNGLE
アイス・アイス・ミッキー CHELSEA & WORNELL pop'n music MICKEY TUNES - -
A LOVE WE NEVER KNEW Julianne&Edison pop'n stage HOUSE