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Takehiro Nojiri

Staff Information


Takehiro Nojiri is a former BEMANI movie designer who made his first appearance in the spin-off game Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON. While he also contributed to Dancing Stage featuring DREAMS COME TRUE, most of his contributions are in the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series, since drummania 2ndMIX until GUITARFREAKS 7thMIX & drummania 6thMIX, even being the chief designer for two titles in that series.


  • Outside of BEMANI, Takehiro also worked as a creature sculpturer for HENRY EXPLORERS / CRYPT KILLER, and as a graphic designer for Bishi Bashi Champ: Minigame Senshuken.



Credited Works


This list is not complete.

Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON

Dancing Stage featuring DREAMS COME TRUE


drummania 2ndMIX

GUITARFREAKS 5thMIX & drummania 4thMIX

GUITARFREAKS 6thMIX & drummania 5thMIX

GUITARFREAKS 7thMIX & drummania 6thMIX

GuitarFreaks V & DrumMania V

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