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Toshio Hayakawa

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Toshio Hayakawa, also known by his stage name Ichiro Mizuki, was a veteran singer. He first began in 1968, signing on to Columbia Records Japan. Although he started singing anime songs in 1971, his career really took off with the opening of Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ), which sold over 700,000 copies since its debut (according to his website). He ended his contract with Columbia in 1997 to pursue further opportunities.

After leaving Columbia, two of his more notable accomplishments were finding JAM Project (which consists of other well-regarded singers, including Hironobu Kageyama and Masamu Ouki, among others), as well as holding the "1000 Song Concert", where he sang 1,000 songs continuously for 24 hours. For KONAMI he also sang Ore wa impact (おれはインパクト) in the first two Nintendo 64 Ganbare Goemon games. (Incidentally, fellow JAM Project member Hironobu Kageyama provided the opening songs of both games, several years before JAM Project was formed.)

Although he only contributed one original song to BEMANI, for the pop'n music アニメロ (Animelo) series he re-sang four of his old songs exclusively for those games. Two of them were later added to the main pop'n music arcade series.

Toshio passed away on December 6th, 2022 at age 74 from lung cancer [1].


  • 水木一郎


Song Artist Game Genre Vocals
はばたけ、ザ・グレートギャンブラー 水木 一郎 pop'n music 2 ANIME HERO R
キャプテンハーロック 水木一郎 pop'n music アニメロ (UCHUU KAIZOKU CAPTAIN HARLOCK)
マジンガーZ 水木一郎 pop'n music アニメロ MAZINGER
バビル2世 水木一郎、森の木児童合唱団 pop'n music アニメロ2号 BABEL NISEI
グレートマジンガー 水木一郎、森の木児童合唱団 pop'n music アニメロ2号 (GREAT MAZINGER)
サラマンドラ 水木 一郎 REFLEC BEAT plus -


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