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pop'n music arcade releases
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 いろは - 13 カーニバル - 14 FEVER!
15 ADVENTURE - 16 PARTY♪ - 17 THE MOVIE - 18 せんごく列伝
19 TUNE STREET - 20 fantasia - Sunny Park - ラピストリア - éclale
うさぎと猫と少年の夢 - peace - 解明リドルズ - UniLab
アニメロ - アニメロ2号 - MICKEY TUNES - HELLO! (North America)

pop'n music 2

Pop'n music 2 logo.png

Release Information

General Information / Changes

  • First arcade pop'n music game with HIDDEN, RANDOM, and MIRROR as play options.
  • First pop'n music game with PARTY MODE.
  • Successfully completing a song now gives you a "You are winner!" message. This message would continue to appear up to pop'n music 5.
  • This was the only pop'n music arcade game prior to pop'n music 20 fantasia where Sanae Shintani is not giving her own individual, new song to sing. She instead appears as a back-up singer in one song, and collaborates on another.
  • e-motion and すれちがう二人 are now Second Stage songs. The returning songs from pop'n music are otherwise in the same stage numbers.
  • Total songs: 33

Staff Information

Game Modes

  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • Excite
  • Party (New)

Non-Rival Playable Characters

These characters don't belong to any specific song.

Full Song List

New Songs

Information of the complete stage select provided by this informative pop'n music site.

Song List

Genre Genre (Japanese) Song Title Artist Character Level
First Stage
MASARA マサラ すてきなタブーラ TABAN KING KARLI [2] 5
MELLOW メロウ 光の季節 ANNA SANAE♥chan [2] 9
IDOL GIRL アイドルガール LOVE FIRE 長沢ゆりか JUDY [2] 12
NEO ACO ネオアコ (fly higher than)the stars SUGI & REO Sugi★kun [2] 16
Second Stage
VISUAL ヴィジュアル WHITE BIRDS violent age Yuli [2] 13
from pop'n music CS
アフリカ Con te sabi 2119 J-KANE PRETTY [CS1-5P] 14
from pop'n music CS
J−ポップ Life Haya-P & Maru PRETTY [CS1-1P] 14
EURO QUEEN ユーロクィーン what i want (EURO MIX) T.R.S KoKo 15
from pop'n music CS
フュージョン CROSSOVER 12 319 PRETTY [CS1-4P] 16
DIGI ROCK デジロック ROSE~恋人よ、薔薇色に染まれ BROKE Timer[2] 16
ENKA エンカ お江戸花吹雪 高田香里 S・8・TARO [2] 18
Final Stage
ANIME HERO R アニメヒーローR はばたけ、ザ・グレートギャンブラー さくし:RYO うた:水木一郎 HIROSHI JINGU 16
from pop'n music CS
テクノ'80 Water Melon Woman 319 PRETTY [CS1-3P] 19
POP RAP ポップラップ Smile The Night Away Scotty D KRAFT? 20
GIRLY ガーリィ Love Is Strong To The Sky SAORI RIE♥chan [2] 22
from pop'n music CS
クラシック Chaos Age J_KANE PRETTY [CS1-6P] 22
HEAVY METAL ヘビーメタル I'm on fire AD/DA Dami-yan 23
Hidden Final Stage
J-R&B J−リズム&ブルース SAYONARA ANNA tourmaline [2] 13
LOUNGE ラウンジ Cherry & Raquel The Ebisu Singers Reo★kun [2] 14


Due to limited space in the early pop'n music games, none of the original backgrounds or sprites from pop'n music are re-used in this game, although all the songs from the original game are in this one. Characters returning from the previous installment have their new sprites replace their pop'n 1 character sprites, or are replaced by another pop'n music 2 character. Characters who don't have match-ups with pop'n music 2 characters (such as CHARLY from spicy piece) are replaced by MZD, who made his debut in this game. Additionally, all the pop'n music CS pop'n music songs are represented exclusively by pretty, who comes in five different colors - one for each CS song.

Also, none of the hidden HYPER charts for the CS songs are playable in the arcade version of pop'n music 2.

Rejected designs

The pop'n music series has a long history of rejected characters. Some never saw the light of day, and some would later be used many years or mixes later. For the second game, these include

  • A girl wearing a hat with dog flaps, as well as a jacket, shorts, and big boots (later retooled as White-Merry in pop'n music 13 カーニバル)
  • FAT BOY, who later came into the series with pop'n stage
  • SMOKE, who was redesigned nine years later and put in pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
  • An early-looking W.B.ROSE, who later came into the series with pop'n music 6
  • A girl in blue overalls, with a multi-colored, long sleeve shirt and red shoes with white stripes. Her hair consists of brown pigtails with a rainbow hat on top, and has a giant pink bear behind her
  • A human, male samurai (possibly redesigned as S.8.TARO)
  • Early-looking YOSHIO, who was later put in pop'n music 7
  • A see-through Mimi (possibly used as the concept of hone nyami in pop'n music 9), which was later used on the LOSE animation of Torte&Parfait from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET
  • A panda bear with a microphone, wearing a yellow sweater with green stripes, brown pants, and light blue shoes (Nyami would later don this wardrobe in pop'n music 11 license おれはジャイアンさまだ!)
  • A happy man with purple hair in a yellow space suit, a red star on his knees, shoulder, and shirt, and wears purple shoes / skates (possibly redesigned as Cyber)
  • Stereotypical Chinese girl with brown, braided hair (possibly model of LingLing in pop'n music 3)
  • A woman in a long, blue dress with butterflies on it, with long blue hair that covers up one of her eyes. A flower also dons her head (possibly retooled as Honey in pop'n music 8)
  • A frog with yellow gloves and looks vaguely like Kermit the Frog
  • A girl in a yellow bee costume (early hina?)
  • A nun in purple garb (possibly retooled as Jessica in pop'n music 6)
  • A girl with blonde hair (with three flowers on top of it), star eyes, and wears a red dress and a blue t-shirt underneath it. She's also holding a wand in her hand and is accompanied by a little cat and rabbit (early SPACE🪐MACO?)

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