Satoru Nakata

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Satoru Nakata

Artist Information

  • Name: Satoru Nakata (中田暁)


Satoru Nakata is one of the earliest pop'n music CS artists, working since the first pop'n music CS title. He had been with KONAMI for some years prior, one of his notable titles being the sound engineer of GTI Club. Satoru was the sound director of the PlayStation 2 game RING of RED, and is also credited for the music for the KONAMI-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games for the PlayStation 2 / Nintendo Gamecube / Xbox.

Since his last appearance in pop'n music 6 CS, Satoru stopped contributing music to BEMANI. However, every song composed and arranged by him is still in the pop'n music arcade series, and one of them even crossed over into the REFLEC BEAT series as late as 2015.


  • 319



Song Artist Game Genre
Water Melon Woman NAKATEK pop'n music CS TECHNO'80
CROSSOVER 12 319 pop'n music CS FUSION
PULSE 319 pop'n music 2 CS FUNNY
penguin NAKATEK pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC DREAMY
Landmark NAKATEK pop'n music 5 CS NEWS
Seal NAKATEK pop'n music 6 CS MIND