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pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC

Release Information

  • Release date: February 3rd, 2000.
  • Platforms: PlayStation, Dreamcast
  • Retail value: 2,800 yen

General Information / Changes

Staff Information

pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC Credits

Default Songs

Songs with an asterisk next to their difficulty level have a HYPER chart.

Genre Genre (Japanese) Song Title Artist Character Level
pop'n music 3
MAGICAL GIRL マジカルガール 恋のシャレード パーキッツ Megumi 9
G-POP ギターポップ Take me to... Sana RIE♥chan [3] 10
CELT ケルト 水中家族のテーマ パーキッツ Poet [3] 11
KANGTONG カントン 和你一起走 Cathy Lau LingLing 12
J-R&B2 J-リズム&ブルース2 愛を探そう Ma-You tourmaline [3] 13
MONDO モンド Little Robin's Drawer Uncle Motchee Cyber [3] 13
HEARTFUL ハートフル peppermint ASAI PROJECT(Vo:M.Fujino Candy 14
DANCEPOP ダンスポップ TILL THE END OF TIME Julianne&Edison Rave girl [3] 16
NEW-COMMER ニューカマー un-Balance 佐藤 千晶 Kate 18
SOUNDTRACK サウンドトラック 宇宙船Q-Mex Q-Mex P-1&P-2 [3] 21
POWERFOLK パワーフォーク なんか変だ! 新堂敦士 Ash [3] 23
pop'n music 2
J-R&B J−リズム&ブルース SAYONARA ANNA tourmaline [3-2P] 13
LOUNGE ラウンジ Cherry & Raquel The Ebisu Singers ice [3-7P] 14
ENKA エンカ お江戸花吹雪 高田香里 ice [3-3P] H
NEO ACO ネオアコ (fly higher than)the stars SUGI & REO ice [3-3P] H
pop'n music 2 CS
CUTE キュート 取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ Akko's Anzu [CS2-1P] 5*
LIVE ライブ Theme of staff roll~special mix~ きまぐれポッパーズ AYA [3-1P] 11
AKIBA アキバ E.C.M. PAPEHINA meets Haya-P SHOLLKEE [3] 12
NEW FOLK ニューフォーク 走れブン!ブン! わがまま7 FLOWER [CS2-1P] 15
J-GARAGE POP J-ガラージポップ Miracle Moon(お月さまが中継局) Togo Project featuring Sana Kelly [CS2-1P] 17*
SEXY GIRLS セクシーガールズ 淋しくてLoneliness ワンダース May-Fa [CS2-1P] 21*
AVANTGARDE アバンギャルド Bee's Eye Waldeus von Dövjak Edward [CS2-1P] 23*
URBAN POP アーバンポップ Prism♡Heart Sana Mrs. Wilson [CS2] H
CLASSIC 2 クラシック2 R.C. Waldeus von Dövjak HAMANOV [CS1-2P] H
pop'n music
J-TEKNO J−テクノ Quick Master act deft SHOLLKEE [3-2P] H
DANCE ダンス Hi-Tekno Hi-Tekno JUDY [3] H
ANIME HERO アニメヒーロー The theme of GAMBLER Z words:RYO  song:NARAMCHA SHOLLKEE [3-4P] H
pop'n music CS
TECHNO'80 テクノ'80 Water Melon Woman NAKATEK BOY [CS1-2P] H
J-POP J−ポップ Life Haya-P & Maru PRETTY [CS1] H
AFRICA アフリカ Con te sabi 2119 Hamba un Aa AYA [3-1P] H
New CS songs
ROCKABILLY ロカビリー シャバダ! de ジルバ! Chako Jennifer [CS3] 12
DREAMY ドリーミー penguin NAKATEK BOY [CS1-2P] 14
GROOVE ROCK グルーブロック 赤いリンゴ Lollipop Tonic featuring K PEPPER [CS3] 15
JAZZY ジャジー Get on that train Q-Mex CHARLY [1-3P] 16
CLASSIC 3 クラシック3 Dynamics Waldeus von Dövjak HAMANOV [CS1-1P] 17*
from 僕たちの計画
スーパーポップ 僕たちの計画 スーパースランプ CAPTAIN SUPER POP [CS3] 19

Hidden Songs

The following songs are unlocked after playing a certain amount of time in ARCADE. Only time playing songs in ARCADE counts towards time.

Songs with an asterisk next to their difficulty level have a HYPER chart.

Genre Genre (Japanese) Song Title Artist Character Level
Unlocked after 2 hours
(new CS song)
ポジティブ Candy Blue 浅井裕子 sunny [CS3] 22
Unlocked after 2.5 hours
(new CS song)
ボーイズ 君を抱きしめたい! 微熱★kids HIKARU [CS3] 21
Unlocked after 3 hours
LOVELY ラブリー 8月のサヨナラ aprésmidi SANAE♥chan [3] 15
Unlocked after 3.5 hours
JUNGLE ジャングル La La La Edison Bamboo? [3] 23
Unlocked after 6 hours
(new CS song)
プレリュード Streams Waldeus von Dövjak Edward [CS2-5P] 20*

Unlock Information

Individual Song Unlocks

Hidden songs can also be played early for FREE MODE by meeting certain requirements in ARCADE as you play.

  • POSITIVE: select a male character and clear either G-POP, MAGICAL GIRL, KANGTONG, ROCKABILLY or CUTE NORMAL on STAGE 1. Then, select a female character and clear AKIBA on STAGE 1. It will then show up on STAGE 2 after.
  • BOYS: select a male character and clear AKIBA on STAGE 1. Then clear MONDO, JAZZY, GROOVE ROCK, CLASSIC 3 NORMAL, NEW FOLK or LOUNGE on STAGE 2. It will then appear on FINAL STAGE.
  • LOVELY: clear G-POP on STAGE 1 with more than 80% greats, then play LOUNGE on STAGE 2. It will then appear on FINAL STAGE.
  • JUNGLE: get a combo of 100 or more on your first two STAGEs. It will then appear on FINAL STAGE.
  • PRELUDE: clear AVANTGARDE NORMAL with 85000 points or more on STAGE 1, then clear CLASSIC 3 NORMAL with a score of 90000 or greater and a MAX COMBO of at least 40 on STAGE 2. It will then appear on FINAL STAGE.


You can also temporarily unlock the above songs at the title screen. Played songs will not be saved. The numbers correspond to the pop'n music controller from left to right.

  • LOVELY: 36866962686
  • JUNGLE: 7637384122217
  • POSITIVE: 1234667788911
  • BOYS: 6868868868863
  • PRELUDE: 123964871396487

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