Akiko Hashimoto

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Akiko Hashimoto

Artist Information

  • Name: Akiko Hashimoto (橋本晶子)


Akiko was one of the earliest commissioned artists by Yoichi Hayashi for the pop'n music CS titles, working on the series since the second CS release. Akiko hasn't appeared in a BEMANI game since pop'n music 9 CS, which was the last pop'n music CS game sound directed by her friend Yoichi.


  • According to Yoichi Hayashi, he and Akiko have been friends for a long time.
  • All of Akiko's songs were arranged by Yoichi Hayashi.



Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
走れブン!ブン! わがまま7 pop'n music 2 CS NEW FOLK - -
取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ Akko's pop'n music 2 CS CUTE -
麗しのカーディガン Akko's pop'n music 2 CS CARIB -
シャバダ! de ジルバ! Chako pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC ROCKABILLY - -
君を抱きしめたい! 微熱★kids pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC BOYS - -
VIVA La HOT LOVE!! Akko's pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC BOOGIE -
出会う時…下関。 長門マチ pop'n music 6 CS ROMANCE KAYOU
愛が有効 Headstand Hipopotamus pop'n music 7 CS HAMO-ROCK -
We get it together ミッキー・マサシ pop'n music 9 CS UK POP'80 - -
取り返してやる! ~Again, My Lovely Day~ Akko's pop'n music Best Hits! CUTE REMIX - -