Shinji Ushiroda

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Shinji Ushiroda

Artist Information

  • Name: Shinji Ushiroda (後田信二)


Shinji Ushiroda was a prominent artist in CS pop'n music games releases who joined KONAMI around 2001. He also provided guitars for some WATER STAND songs. Outside of BEMANI, he also worked on a few other games at KONAMI, mostly notably their AirForce series and Busou Shinki BATTLE RONDO (武装神姫 BATTLE RONDO).

Shinji left KONAMI in 2007 to work at Nintendo's Planning and Development Division, where he has worked on such games as Minna no rhythm tengoku (みんなのリズム天国, also known as Rhythm Heaven Fever), the Donkey Kong Country Wii/Wii U titles, and Miitopia. After the merger of the Planning and Development Division and the Information Development Division in 2016, he worked on Ring Fit Adventure.


  • SG系しんじ
  • Headstand Hipopotamus (vocals for)


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement Vocals Guitar
paramnesia Shinji Ushiroda beatmania IIDX 9th style CS CLUB JAZZ - -
聖者の行進 (AOR EDITION) 日野友香(metro trip) DANCE 86.4 FUNKY RADIO STATION アメリカ民謡アレンジ - -
Escapes from your love 長沢ゆりか pop'n music 5 CS CRYSTAL - -
熟れた花 ミッキー・マサシ pop'n music 5 CS FUNK ROCK -
BONANZA ミッキー・マサシ with サンダースクラッチ pop'n music 6 CS US HARD ROCK - -
愛が有効 Headstand Hipopotamus pop'n music 7 CS HAMO-ROCK - - -
ロケット・ラブ ミッキー・マサシ pop'n music 7 CS SWEAT - -
Angel Fish ToMo K. pop'n music 9 CS TEARS - - -
Sunny Sunday's Sky Ariko Shimada pop'n music 9 CS NEO MOTOWN - -
さようならは言わないけれど Water Stand pop'n music 10 CS CLEARTONE - - -
流れの途中で WATER STAND pop'n music 11 CS CLEARTONE 2 - - -
流転と回天 WATER STAND pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS INNOCENT 3 - - -
遠く MAKI pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS HONKY TONK - -
Water Melon Woman NAKATEK pop'n music Best Hits! TECHNO'80 REMIX - - -