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Not to be confused with YURiCa, one of the aliases of BEMANI singer Hanatan.

Yurica Nagasawa

Artist Information


Yurica Nagasawa (born January 27th, 1968) is a J-POP singer and lyricist whose career began in the 1980's. In 1995 she joined KONAMI, where she contributed to the TWINBEE PARADISE 2 CDs. She was also a large part of the Tokimeki Memorial drama CDs, appearing as herself in several CD dramas, as well as writing lyrics for some of the albums. She also had her own singles and albums published by KONAMI as well.

Yurica left KONAMI in 1999 to work on various other game projects, though she returned to sing a few songs in BEMANI after her departure.


  • Yurica Nagasawa has never used an alias in BEMANI.


Song Artist Game Genre Lyrics Vocals
LUV TO ME (English Version) THIRD-MIX beatmania completeMIX EURO BEAT -
LUV TO ME (disco mix) tiger YAMATO beatmania IIDX EURO BEAT -
LUV TO ME (UCCHIE'S EDITION) tiger YAMATO beatmania IIDX 4th style EURO BEAT -
LUV TO ME (AMD MIX) DJ KAZU feat. tiger YAMATO DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX - -
HOLD ON ME tiger YAMATO ParaParaParadise - -
LUV TO ME disco mix -super euro version- tiger YAMATO with Y&Co. ParaParaParadise - -
LOVE FIRE 長沢ゆりか pop'n music 2 IDOL GIRL
Escapes from your love 長沢ゆりか pop'n music 5 CS CRYSTAL -
Pride 長沢ゆりか pop'n music 7 CS SPLASH